Tax for Small Business in South Africa

Tax for Small Business

There are many daunting tasks for entrepreneurs when starting or managing a small business, but none seems more daunting than navigating ones way through the world of tax. With this simple guide, QuickBooks provides a comprehensive overview of small business tax from understanding the basics to the advantages and disadvantages of different types of small business.

VAT zero-rating rules for exports

VAT zero-rating rules for exports recently changed Tax Alerts

An overview of the most significant changes

2017 - 2018 Tax Guide

2017/18 Tax Guide

2017/2018 tax rates (1 March 2017 – 28 February 2018)

Sars Audit

A SARS (South African Revenue Service) income tax audit is generally aimed at ensuring that you as corporate taxpayer are making the correct adjustments in your income tax computation.

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  • As Registered Accountants and Auditors with SAIPA, SAICA, SAIT and SAAA we will be able to assist any business in an array of accounting, bookkeeping, tax and advisory etc. services.

    No business will be able to survive without proper planning, basic understanding of the law, taxes and financial management.

    As not all business-owners have the time or knowledge to give attention to these details our team of qualified accountants and registered auditors will be able to give you outstanding, professional services at affordable rates with personal attention.


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